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Diesel Intellect is a global rail-tech engineering and locomotive diagnostic firm based out of Hackensack, New Jersey that offers state-of-the-art technology to improve industry standards and ameliorate safety and crisis prevention through predictive maintenance. Founded in 1990, DII has pioneered products and services to countries all over the world such as the United States, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

What We Do

Helping the railroad industry meet the highest standards in safety, disaster prevention and more, Diesel Intellect provides high-quality, real-time monitoring and analysis, enabling our clients to perform preventative maintenance and improve their bottom line.

Through our revolutionary systems, we provide high-quality, real-time monitoring and freight analysis. Our team consists of systems technicians, engineers, analysts, software developers, and dedicated technical support representatives constantly working together to provide exceptional service. We are tirelessly working to continue developing and improving our systems through extensive testing and implementation. We are constantly pushing the industry standard for superior service and cutting-edge safety technology.

Backed by an outstanding reputation for surpassing expectations and delivering results, we at Diesel Intellect are here to help you reach your goals.

Our systems can be found in:

  • Main Tracks
  • Wheel Plants
  • Locomotive Repair Shops
  • R&D Facilities
  • Inspection Stations


Cracked Wheel Acoustic Detector

Vibrational anomalies in railroad wheels are indicative of internal oscillatory exertions which accelerate fatigue and lead to eventual failure. Vibration analysis allows railroads to identify, monitor and eliminate these forces thereby extending the lifespan of the wheels and track.

CWAD is able to detect internal defects months prior to failure. Additional capabilities include the detection of thin or broken flanges and hunting by applying advanced methodologies that predict possible failures. On average, one system leads to the removal of 50 condemnable wheels per month, as reported by a Class I railroad. The expert analysis and interpretation of CWAD data enables railroads to greatly reduce repair and maintenance costs while increasing safety by extending the service life of wheelsets, reducing track damage and applying appropriate intervention prior to catastrophic failures.

Damaged Wheel

Detectable Effects:

  • Thin Flange
  • High Impact Wheels
  • High Flange
  • Worn Tread
  • Broken Flange
  • Out of Round Wheels
  • Broken Rim
  • Shattered Rim
  • Shelled Tread
  • Tread Buildup
  • Slid Flats
  • Subsurface Defects


CWAD can be integrated into an existing track side bungalow or has standalone capabilities. The rail hardware is designed for ease of maintenance with quick-disconnect cord sets and rail claws that can be uninstalled in minutes. Rail claw design ensures protection from dragging equipment, track ballast or ice. All components are electrically isolated and come with integrated short circuit protection. The system generates self-diagnostic alerts if a sensor or other component become damaged. Modular design and sensor redundancy enable the hardware to operate even if half of the equipment is in need of repair. This allows for delayed maintenance if harsh track conditions exist.

Rail Hardware Trackside Enclosure

How It Works

CWAD records wheel signatures, processing the vibration spectrum and patterns in the signals of each wheel while filtering out rolling noise contamination. Proprietary algorithms detect high vibration amplitudes and unique anomalies in each suspect wheel, assigning a defect and severity level. A trend is further developed, taking into account prior wheel history in order to accurately assess the wheel’s current condition.

Once a wheel reaches a preset threshold, a real-time alarm is generated and transmitted to customer. The alarm notification includes:

  • Train Pass Information
  • Defect Type
  • Run History of the Wheel
  • Wheel Trend with Severity
  • Overall Confidence for Alarm


CWAD provides accurate and repeatable monitoring of equipment health by detecting defects early on. This enables the railroads to inspect and remove the wheel at the next opportune stop or cross reference the data with other available wayside detectors for added assurance.

Our system comes with a complete set of productivity tools for wheel management, data sharing, reporting and support. Additionally, a dedicated Web-based portal gives railroads access to a secure user interface to display real time wheel data as well as historic wheel trends from nationwide sites.

Wheel Impacts
Our equipment on a live track


Automated Diagnostic Locomotive Inspection

ADLI conducts innovative cylinder combustion pressure monitoring and analysis to diagnose locomotive engine defects. The high-resolution automated diesel engine inspection system delivers maximum information and technical data for advanced locomotive maintenance. The system reduces down time, maintenance costs and parts consumption through targeted repairs. It was designed to simplify data collection and analysis. Compact size and weight enable one technician to install and operate the system without being present on the running board. Realtime data and results are presented in the CAB and can be transferred to a remote server for centralized access. Each locomotive retains its own inspection and maintenance history

ADLI can be used for inspection of the following locomotive parts:

  • Diesel Engine Power Assembly
  • Fuel Injectors and Pumps
  • Valves
  • Bearings
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Main Generator Bearings
  • CAB Electronics
  • Traction Motor Gear and Bearings


Cylinder Pressure Sensors are installed on decompression valves and can withstand high temperatures up to 900°F at full throttle. Sensors do not require cooling and can be kept on running engine for the duration of the test.

Cylinder Ultrasound Sensors are built into the pressure sensor adaptors. Sensor sets can be used for both GE and EMD engines. Decompression valves do not require modifications or additional adaptors.

ADLI Optional features include:
Vibration test for auxiliary equipment and traction motors.
CAB Electrical diagnostics For EMD <Dash 2> and <Straight>.

ADLI interactive screen presents:

  • Combustion Pressure Graph in All Cylinders
  • Engine Load and Speed
  • Injection Timing
  • Cylinder Load
  • Compression Peak
  • Firing Pressure
  • Valve Timing
Measurement Control Panel and Results Screen

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