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Who We Are

We are an engineering firm based out of Hackensack, New Jersey. Our fast problem solving skills is what makes us different from the competition, we provide intelligent solutions to our customer's problems and help them identify the root source of the issue when neccesary

What We Do

We specialize in the railroad industry. Since the formation of DII back in 2003 we've been working with customers that represent the backbone of the US Economy helping them run their locomotives more efficiently, stay up to date on innovative cloud reporting of freight parts and assembly, as well as preventing derailments and track damages with condition monitoring systems.

Our systems can be found in:

  • Main Track
  • Wheel Plants
  • Locomotive Repair Shops
  • R&D Facilities
  • Inspection Stations

Our Services

Live Tracking

Live condition monitoring solutions. Know exactly what's going on and where.


Taylored solutions for the biggest challenges of our customers


Instant mobile access and notifications

Cloud Reporting and Monitoring

Report every single part or process being on a plant, inspection plant or any other place

Our Portfolio

Diesel Intellect's variety of solutions

Contact us

You can reach us in many different ways, we'll be there to respond to your inquiries.

135 Main St 2nd Floor,
Hackensack, NJ 07601


Main: 201-546-1127
After Hours: 201-983-7482

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